Cosmetic     Microimplants

                                                                     The Revolution Begins 
Breast Augmentation
Here we can see the schematic illustrations of the procedure and easily focus on the advantages of this breakthrough technology.

Before the procedure, the patient is marked by the surgeon while drawing the exact contour of the new desired breast shape. The patient then has infiltration of local anesthetic surrounding the breast and along the path of dissection under the breast. A small 3.5 mm entry point is created using a needle-type device and then a tissue dissector is introduced under the breast. The surgeon sculpts the tissue plane according to the markings and then the dissector is removed. 

The entry point then has a tube filled with microimplants placed inside it and the microimplants are pushed via a plunger into the pocket created by the surgeon. This process is repeated until the desired size and shape have been achieved. The tube is then removed and band-aid type dressing is placed on the entry point incision.

The patient is then fitted with a compression garment with the desired breast shape cut out of the garment . This compression garment with the breast area open is worn daily for 3 weeks and then discarded resulting in a more natural appearing breast augmentation.

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