Cosmetic     Microimplants

                                                                     The Revolution Begins 
The Revolution
Welcome to the revolution in breast aesthetics ! 

AS SEEN in ALLURE February 2010 and MSNBC. 



Breast microimplants represent a patented minimally invasive surgical approach to breast augmentation. This technology combines the fluid properties of a gel with the non-absorptive and durability properties of a shell based system. The combination results in a method of breast augmentation that can be performed through dramatically smaller incisions in a way that shapes the breast more naturally.

Below you can see the first generation microimplants from different angles and the second generation microimplants will be up soon. These newer generation prototypes are only partially filled and more raisin-like so they produce a smoother, more natural profile when placed under the breast during and after the augmentation procedure.
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First Generation Microimplants

Second Generation Microimplant

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